Chloe Owen

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  1. While looking at all the sales on line, I fell for the Chloe Owen. The navy color in the small size is the one which captured me. It's a color I don't have, and as I know my "best" style has both hand and shoulder carrying options, this fit the bill. I ordered it from NM, and did love it when it arrived. My only concern was--of course--I don't need to be buying another bag. Well, of course. However, I used it, and was not sending back. Then I saw NM had an additional 20% off sale handbags; I figured it would not be available, but yes, it was, so I was able to get the 20% credit to my charge card. Now I am even more in love with it!
    Picture to follow.
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  2. Wow. I really like that. I've seen the Owen in the lighter colors (online only) and it didn't really sell me but seeing it in a dark color like Navy, it looks a lot more classy and sophisticated. Plus the gold really pops! I'm like you, i need a strap and a top handle is always a nice bonus.
  3. Thank you! I agree, the navy drew me in, while the light colors did not. Some colors on line were partially suede, but as I live in the south, suede did not seem a great option.
  4. Congratulations on your Owen! I found a gorgeous large caramel Owen on sale at Nordstrom but ended up getting it preowned. Here’s my new baby:

  5. Does anyone have an issue where the Owen’s lock falls off?
  6. After using my new bag for a few days, I can't imagine how that could happen. When holding the bag, the lock tightens. It needs some slack to open it. I few times I did not even use the lock when I was in a hurry. I'm finding the lock very easy to use now--it just took some getting used to. If the lock did open, it really would be no big deal, as the bag is secure enough when carrying. I hope that helps you.
  7. Well now I am looking at your picture. If you slip the lock to the narrower area each time you close it, would that help? Or, if you unzipped it a little more, there would be more tension when you locked it. You would still need to slip it to the narrow area. Thoughts?
  8. IMG_1512967009.920176.jpg

    For some reason there’s a little gap in the zip that lets you remove the lock. It is the same for your bag too?
  9. Thanks for the quick response! It’s pretty firm when it’s locked but my issue is that the entire lock attachment comes off. It gave me a shock the first time it happened but I was able to put it back on. It feels quite loose though so I’m afraid it may happen again unless I get it fixed.
  10. I had no idea that's what you meant. I see now, how the area around the zipper is narrower and would have to be able to open, to allow the ring to go on the zipper. I hope you are able to have it fixed--now I will be nervous with mine also! Best of luck with it. They are such beautiful bags!
  11. Thanks! Let me know if this happens to you too. I went back to my seller about it and she said this is normal.
  12. Lovely sophisticated bag.
    That’s an absolutely beautiful colour and amazing that you were able to find it preowned.
    I think that can easily be tightened.
  13. Gorgeous bag, I think the photos on this thread do the bag more justice than the photos on Saks etc!
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