Chloe Orange Paddy Boots $284 - Only Size 10

  1. OMG, what a fabulous deal.....thanks for posting!
  2. That is an amazing price!!! Don't think I've ever seen them this cheap...
  3. Wow, tempting, just a half size too big.
  4. thank you so much, purse4u. i got a pair!!!!
  5. I want to order a pair but don't know if they run true to size or small.

  6. Yeah JRed! Soooo happy you got them, I see they are sold out now. Like someone else mentioned, I have never seen them for such an amazing price! The leather is soooo soft & beautiful just like the handbags! I have them in the midcalf low heel (drk brown) & must have zoomed close on that wonderful orange a million times (I've never seem orange irl) Post pics when they come! :yahoo:sooo nice!
  7. Why is the size 10 always the last one left with Chloe boots???
  8. i promise to post pics when i receive them. i so hope they fit my calves. :lol:
  9. Oh my goodness ... it is?! :nuts:

    I have just realised I am a US size 10! Yayyyyy!

    So many shoe sizing systems ... argh. Here in Australia, the Euro size 40 is an 8.5-9.

    Nice work getting the boots, JRed!

  10. Whoa little missy? I'm EU 39?? and I wear size 9 US? Granted that's with the Chloe fare. If I dare venture to step off the slippery slope of designer shoes and navigate the unchartered waters of Christian Louboutin that number, like the price of those hoofers, rises precipitously to EU 40????????

    Hummm so what I'm trying to say (get to the point right) Chloe size 40 should be a size 10 US.. However do not get Div involved with this discussion with her size 42 EU, because is that really size 12 US??? SWIM????????:confused1:
  11. I would sell my firstborn child - or even second born one - for a pair of Chloe boots that fit me. I have no outlet for trying them on and the one pair I did buy that was supposed to be my size did not fit - too small. They don't make them any bigger than that. Anyway - sizes in footwear do vary even within the same brand and sometimes within the same style - go figure?
  12. Divnanata what size did you try? I found I had to go atleast a half size up in Chloe boots.
  13. yeah same here, 1/2 a size up!