chloe or prada?

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  1. Hi there! So I was just at Neiman Marcus checking out the lovely bags. What do you prefer Prada or Chloe and why? I never purchased these bags or know too much about them. I only know their leather is so pretty!
  2. Oh boy that is a toughy. Ironically today I was staring at my Prada tote and my chole paraty and thinking how lovely they both are. I am no help as I love both. I find for Prada I only like their saffiano totes, Chole I only love the paraty...but have grown to like the medium marcie with a strap. The paraty and the tote both very classy and are both brands produce durable leather. Maybe if you posted a style from each brand that you are interested in I can give you my opinion. But at this point your question is just too vague for me to answer as they are both wonderful brands.
  3. I just got my Prada Saffiano, and have had and loved Chloes for years...currently own a Paraty and Marcie and Edith!

    They are all simple and brilliant designs with amazing thick leather and love them all equally...
  4. I have a new Prada Saffiano Tote and I love it. But I have about ten Chloe bags. I find Chloe bags to be so charming and the leather so lush that I have to give the vote to Chloe between the two even though I adore my new Prada. They are different styles too; Prada is more formal than Chloe.
  5. Haha Mona, I was saying the same thing! :lol:
  6. I just got my prada tote recently as well. Kind of ironic.
  7. for the Chloe I adore their Marcie bag and I believe it's an Ethel bag. I love totes and duffel like bags. For the Prada it's their tote bags. so pretty.
  8. Now it depends on colour. If the Prada tote you like is in their standard classic colours you can get that anytime. Marcie's and Ethel come in more seasonal colours so I would pick a seasonal colour over a classic colour that you will be able to get anytime. I think both brands are great in a handbag collection.
  9. Hmm..what are you aiming for? Prada is much more formal and Chloe much more casual...Both are awesome brands and to choose between them is a no-no for me lol...each has it's own value.
  10. i love chloe. my tan marcie satchel leather is so beautiful, durable & the bag is classic. the leather is a bit nicer than on my caramel paraty, but i still love that bag so much. chloes are so classic & unique. they also look well made. many people have told me that my bags look very well made & expensive...including people who dont know or own expensive bags (like my mom!)...
  11. I have several Chloe Marcie bags and one prada bag (nappa gaufre east-west tote) so I guess you could tell by the ratio of Chloe to prada bags which I prefer. Like others said I find prada to be more formal. It's also flashier. I feel that Chloe's leather may be more durable. The bags have a bit of a rugged flair and are beautiful without screaming designer. Also I find my Chloe bags to be more comfortable to wear than prada. I think the most comfortable bags of all, though, are BVs.
  12. Both brands are great! If I had to sum up the difference between them I think it lies in the style & leather. I find Prada bags to be elegant and structural. I especially like the Saffiano leather line the best. The Chloe bags in contrast have an amazing soft buttery leather and are less structured. Chloe is more boho chic in comparison to Prada. Therefore, it really depends on your personality & lifestyle!
  13. Which Prada are you considering? The styles are so different.

    I have a Prada Saffiano Lux, and love it, but overall I prefer Chloe. As someone else said, the personalities of the two brands are so different! My mental association is:
    Prada: structured, elegant, the female assassin in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
    Chloe: luxurious, boho-chic, Rachel Bilson street style.

    All depends on your personality and what look you're going for.

    Hope this helps!
  14. I love this association! :lol: And agree with it too! It depends on how you want to use your bag. I don't have a Prada but it is on my wishlist and I would use it for work and my Chloe Marcie is used for casual.
  15. Yes!! Very helpful! thank you all. I believe I'm gearing myself towards that Chloe! TPF is so informative! I can count on you guys for great advice!