Chloe or Muse?


Choose between a Muse or Paddington?

  1. Muse

  2. Paddy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you had to choose between a chloe paddington or muse.
  2. Muse
  3. ditto, muse ^^ :tender:
  4. gosh both!
    They are such different bags. I am not sure they could possibly be compared, so I wont ;)

    Love them both though :biggrin:
  5. I happen to be partial to the paddy since I own one. They are beautiful:love:
  6. I agree with chloe-babe; depends on what you're using them for! I'm parital to the chloe leather though!
  7. Paddy all the way. I know YSL fans are Muse fanatics because the leather and shape is so useful. Personally though, I tend to lean towards bags that make the female form look feminie and the paddy does it for me. Oh, and you can't beat Chloe leather! It gets so much better with time!!!

    Also I tend towards bags that don't "age" me and at 25 I feel that the Muse is a bit too old for me. But that's just me!
  8. Choose the paddy!
  9. I would vote for the Muse first, though I own 2 Paddies for longevity. With its clean lines, the Muse is a classic in its own right. The Paddy is more whimsical but will be dated before it becomes its own vintage.

    As far as leather and colors, I vastly prefer the Chloe leather to the YSL. Finding a perfect paddy can be a challenge since Chloe quality control sucks, but once you do, it is love.

    You can get some paddies on sale and if you do, you'd probably save enough money to get both! So that would be my favorite option. ;)
  10. I was actually debating this when I bought my paddy. I liked the fact that the paddy was easier to carry around. I also LOVE the Chloe leather. I think I would still like to have a muse, but I picked the Chloe first.
  11. Paddy hands down! In fact, I chose the paddy over the Muse and a few other bags because it is super easy to wear, the leather is simply TDF, and it is sooooo versatile. I love my paddy!
  12. jag, I love your Paddy too!
  13. Neither : EDITH!
  14. Chloe paddy for me!:love:
  15. I think the paddy, only cos it can be dressed down and up. I think the Muse is more for daywear/dressing down.