Chloe or Belenciago or Chanel

  1. Its me again trying to spend my 2300 cant decide I looked at the new Belenciago in Grape it was to die for. However, I dont know if I should get something that is so trendy!!! Please help me decide give me all your imputs Thanks So Much oh yeah I want a new style nothing old!!!:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  2. If it says Balenciago on the tag don't buy it!
  3. Oh no I called the Balenciago store in New York and I got on the waiting list!!!
  4. Balenciago?
  5. lol....stacieedgar, it's balenciaga...make sure you got on the right list!!
  6. chanel!!!
  7. wha happen? where she go?