Chloe or Balenciaga

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  1. I don't own either but would probably say to go with the Bal. I'm not a fan of Chloe due to their heavy weight. Their styles are beautiful, but I can't take the heaviness of their leathers and I know Balenciaga is known for lightweight bags!
  2. The first thing I was going to say is that I personally find Chloe bags really heavy, especially compared to Balenciaga. So for that reason I would choose Balenciaga.
  3. My vote is on the Balenciaga too! Weight is an issue and I like B-bag's style more.
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    I prefer Chloe always but I do like the Bal you chose. I would choose Chloe myself but not the Crossbody necessarily, I love the small/medium sized Paraty. That said, the suede on that bag is gorgeous and Chloe does such nice leather!
  5. Gray Chloe
  6. I love both of them! So hard to choose but if I had to go with one in this case I would choose Chloe, I love Balenciaga but not Suede!
    And I loving the Tan!
  7. Chloe of course!
  8. Love Bal but not a fan of the suede (maybe just cos I'd wreck it :shame:smile:. Love the Chloe as well but prefer it in the tan or the black to the grey.

    ... I'm not much use here! My vote's for the Chloe. :lol:
  9. In this case Chloe! The gray is nice in Chloe and the shape of this particular Balenciaga is a bit off... I love heavy leather so I don't have a problem at all with heavy bags... most likely it will be easier to maintain too...
  10. Wow that's a toughie! Bals are so light but I'm not fond of suede. Chloe is beautiful but heavy. I actually have both and find I use the Bal more because it's lighter.
  11. Chloe tan!
  12. I think it all depends~
    Some Chloe bags can be heavy but I found the med. reg. Paraty to weigh no more than some other bags I own..I didn't find it to be extra heavy. If you're comparing it to Bal, it would be though. Much thinner leather..a bit more delicate but beautiful.
    Hard choice..I love both! Good luck~:flowers:
  13. I really like the Chloe in grey. I love Bal but am not a fan of the Velo as I find it looks too bottom heavy. Another option for Bal crossbody is the Town which I think is better proportioned, but is smaller than the Velo.
  14. eep! i say Bal in this choice