Chloe on sale

  1. If anyone's interested. I returned 2 Chloes last night, a silverado handbag and the edith satchel. There was also a tracy, the brown and taupe. Saks..Austin, TX.
  2. Thanks for the notice. BTW was the edith on sale?
    I keep saying I'm on purse ban, but yet I keep looking for deals:shame:.
    At some point I'm really going to have invoke the ban(maybe when the money well runs dry,hehehe).
    What a lovely addiction, and this forum is a great place to get my fix:sweatdrop: :drool:
  3. Oh wow, that will be a great deal for somebody!
  4. Yes. All bags mentioned were on sale. There was a sign that said..take an extra 25% off nearby too. I didn't ask if that applied to the handbags, but since it applied to the shoes I bought, I think it did.
  5. My daughter goes to school at UT Austin, where is the Saks??? She is always going to Barton Creek.
  6. It is in Alboretum Market. It was my first time visiting that one, didn't know Austin had one until another cool pfer told me about it. I normally go to San Antonio Saks. Austin is much closer for me now. I really liked the store too, unfortunately I had another event to attend so I couldn't really see what else was there.