Chloè on sale?

  1. Does Chloè go on sale?:confused1:
  2. Occasionally yes, at the end of the season they do. Especially summer colours that have not been so popular, then, even the paddingtons are reduced. Clothing lines are also reduced too, you just have to be in the right place at the right time! ;)
  3. I was in Hong Kong in June and saw a whole bunch of Chloe Paddingtons on sale at Lane Crawford (a department store similar to Saks).
  4. Aloha Rag currently has several Chloe handbags on sale. I got a Chocolate Silverado hobo at half off retail. Hope that helps!
  5. Dear Chloe-babe:
    Hi, I Just Recently Became A Chloe Owner. Can You Pls. Advs If The Sale Is From The Chloe Store Or Department Stores?! Who Else Carrier The Chloe Line?
    Thank You Much,
  6. All authorised boutiques have sales Morganng :smile:, you will usually find a better deal at a dept store than at a Chloe boutique though. Where abouts do you live.

    On line, Net a porter carries Chloe, all of the State departments stores such as Saks, and BG, and Aloharag and LVR are also all authorised stores. Just let us know if you need the links to the stores.
  7. Dear Chloe-babe:
    Thank you so much for this info. Any idea when would consider "END of the season"?!
    Is there an outlet for Chloe?! We have outlets here in LA for Gucci and Prada, but LV, I'll always have to buy at full priced :sad:

    Since I've recently became a Chloe fan, I have not found a Chloe outlet yet....
    Thank you MUCH and awaits your more shopping tips....
  8. There are no Chloe outlets, and I have been told there are no "seconds".

    But the boutiques tend to have the paddis on sale in May/Dec or Jun/Jan timeframes. Act fast! They go like MAD!!
  9. Dear Hmwe46:
    Thank You For The Advs. I Have This Theory, If I Can Buy A Bag At Sale, Then I Refuse To Pay Full Price, Unless It Is 'the Last 1 Or 2'... It Is Always Good To Have 2 Bags For The Price Of 1... Ha Ha... Except Lv, I Guess.... They Just Won't Give Any Discount...
    Thank You So And I'll Be Sure To 'watch-out' For Some Bargins...
    Pls Advs If You See Anything Good Deal Of Chloe?!
    Thank You So And Good Night,
  10. Dear Bag luver:

    Hi, what are they?! I don't see it?!

    Pls. advs...

    Thank you Much,
  11. Dear Lynnix:
    Thank you so much for the tip!
    I've got 3 items for BG but they are all going back because they either have damages on them or have been used... So, I am kind of 'scared' by the buying experience from BG due to they don't check the items before ship-out and now caused me anxiety and shipping cost....

    Pls. advs if you see any good deal out there....

    Thank you so and Have a Wonderful weekend,