chloe on sale Bloomies

  1. They have a lot of bags on sale at Bloomingdales long island - 30% off THEN another 20 % off friends and family. Almost comes out to half off! Good deal - silverado, big bags, etc. LI
  2. some of them were even marked down before. I got a python Betty that was already 50% off then another 30% and 20%. $4000 bag marked down to $1100ish--AMAZING!!!
  3. Wow ...thats almost 75 % discount !!!!!

    Are there any other Chloe with major discounts like this and can I order by phone ? I would really appreciate more info. Thanks a bunch.:smile:
  4. Don't believe that Bloomies takes phone orders. Every catalog states "no phone orders, please".
  5. i want to buy chloe bay bag. do you guys think it is also on sale now?
  6. I did mine over the phone!
  7. I believe the catalogs say that because they have different items in the store and sometimes different prices.
    However, Bloomies does take phone orders for things you want to purchase from the instore stock:yes:
  8. Hi green_eggs what store did you purchase from? What else did they have??
  9. I got mine from NY. Don't know what else they had. I was looking for this exact bag and a wonderful tPFer made it happen. Gotta love this forum!!!
  10. Yes, I must say I really like this place!!
    Congrats on the bag!
  11. Can anyone suggest a Bloomingdales store to call - I called the NYC on on 59th and they said they didn't have anything.
  12. I just called roosevelt fields in Garden city, LI
    but no one answered. I will call again, if they have anything I will post it here.
  13. Do you know if they have any Chloe Bay Bags in stock and on sale?
  14. OMG!! Congratulations green_eggs, that has got to be the deal of the century! PLEASE post pics when it arrives.
  15. i just came back from the bloomingdales in SoHo and they have a TON of leather silverados on sale, 30% off. they're open until 10pm.