Chloe on Sale at Net a Porter!

  1. Mostly 30% off the following styles:

    Edith Shoulder
    Silverado Square Tote
    Large Betty
    Large Patchwork
    Large Betty Tote
    Double Pocket Edith
    Large Silverado
    Maggie Double Frame
    Edith large Bowling
    Washed Leather Tote
    Chain Handle
    East West Paddington
    Betty Washed Leather Shopper
    Mini Edith Satchel :heart:
    Edith Satchel
    Paddington Wallet
    Paddington Satchel
    Betty Wallet
    Large Glady's
    Edith Wallet
    Edith small Wallet
    Large Silverado
    Blanche bag
    Ollie studded Tote
  2. OMG - most things get cheaper when you click on them!!! Ediths for 655!!! OMG!!

    I wish I liked something :crybaby:
  3. I just tried to order the Paddington double zip and it won't authorize my credit card. I called NAP and they said they are having technical problems and no one can order right now. :wtf: I don't want to miss out on this great sale. What do I do???? :crybaby:
  4. Happened to me as well we just have to wait....:push: I hate this... more drama...
  5. The lady at NAP said to try back in a couple of hours. Doesn't she know a couple of hours waiting to see if you scored that perfect sale bag is a lifetime????!!!! :confused1:


  6. I am so glad there is someone that understands me right now! I have my eye on a Betty for months.:heart:...This sucks... I think we'll get lucky at the end:yes:!!! Just think positive:tup:!!!
  7. Is the tobacco the same thing as muscade? I need a Paddy Wallet.
  8. Tobacco and muscade are different colors but both brown. You might be able to use one color to coordinate with other even though they are not exactly the same.

  9. I just placed an online order and it went through without a problem!
  10. i just bought the mini Edith bag for 476! and the Edith wallet, it was 174 - crazy!
  11. I finally placed the order for the large ivory Betty for 875 EUR:yahoo:!!!
  12. What color is the mouse paddington? It is not mousse, is it? I thought mousse was a gray-green, but this one looks almost taupe-gray?:confused1:
  13. I think it may be gris-vert:yes: