Chloe Ollie Studded Doctor Bag

  1. Hi Girls.

    I know everyone's out there looking for deals 10x a day on NM and BG... we all are just dying for the next bag to show up that we've been waiting for.

    If anyone sees the Chloe Ollie Studded Doctor bag show up again, and you're not buying it, could someone be kind enough to PM me on it... I've missed it twice and I think it would be just so *perfect* for me.
    I love this bag!! :tender:

    If anyone has seen it for sale anywhere else, please message me too! Here's a link of the bag... Thank you in advance!!! :rolleyes:

    Chloe -  Ollie Studded Doctor Bag -  Neiman Marcus
  2. I will keep my eyes open for you!!!

    Although most of my shopping is done on line (how sad is that) :borg:
  3. Mine too!!! :graucho:

    Have ya seen it anywhere else?? :shrugs:

  4. Gosh, I am not sure.

    Not that I recall :s
  5. They still have it in the NAP sale section I have one and I love it
  6. Thanks guys!!!

    I checked NAP last nite and it said the item was sold out... and then I checked LVR... and I didn't see it there... now I got your link!!!

    oh, and bluefly I did not check. Thanks guys!!! So maybe I'll get it after all. :yes:
  7. I think it's on the NAP UK site. You have to swap US out for UK at the top left of the main page. Good Luck!:yes:
  8. Hi chloehandbags...

    Thanks for trying to help, but it's weird on my end... When I go to that link it says "SOLD OUT" same thing as last nite... is it happening to you?? :shrugs:
  9. Ok!

    I just figured it out! I had to switch to the "UK"... and now I see the bag...

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah... let me check it out now. Thanks!!! :yes:
  10. Hi, I just sent you a message on this, see your inbox.

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