Chloe Ollie bag at Nordstrom rack- Canoga park

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  1. Hi All, I saw a cute Ollie bag with all of the studs on it.
    It was the Canoga park Nordstrom Rack- I think around 599.00
    The only bummer is that it had a tag that says final sale no returns. They also had some great Mulberrys!:tup:
  2. Was it dark brown? I saw one during the Anniversary Sale at a Nordstrom in Brea. I think it was $1100, but it looked really beat up. I haven't been to that NR in ages! I think I'll have to make a trip out there...
  3. Do you have the phone number
  4. I can't believe I didn't see the Chloe, I was just there yesturday, wonder if they had any others that I missed.
    They had a couple of alexander mcqueen bags too for $499!!!
  5. maybe they just got it in today. If you go back let us know what you find/buy!
  6. ^^^Actually, I was planning to drive down to the oxnard Nordies rack tomarrow to see what they had. If I find anything good I will post it here immediately!
  7. It was a dark color, either navy or black...I don't have their number but you can find it on the Nordstrom webite- under stores.
  8. How are they able to say'Final Sale- No return?"
    I thought all of their stuff was returnable.....
  9. I called yesterday about the ivory Maggie's that were posted, and was told that designer bags were final sale, I was told a few weeks ago that I could return a Gryson bag if I didn't like it. I guess it's high end designer bags.
  10. Yes, I returned my Gryson Molly as it was too small for me, and it couldn't be carried over my shoulder.:yes:
  11. for nordstrom stores, you can return.
    but for nordie rack, they have a return policy because it's the ultimate low price. for their designer products, its all final sale.