Chloe off white Edith $555

  1. these don't look very authentic to me....
  2. no fakes on the board, thank you

    also: Authenticity questions should be posted in the Auth This thread and Finds in the Shopping sub :tup:
  3. Hey guys,

    dervilfal and I run/own Blissful Couture and I guarantee you that our items are not fakes. We have authentication information for everything, and on this particular bag I was unsure as to where to look for said authentication, so I even posted about it on the board! Here's the authentication info on this baby -

    In any event, our prices are very low because we're just starting out and we're having a sale - this was reduced from $720.
  4. I am sorry to assume that your stuff are fake....I just checked the authenticity thread and that bag was proven authentic!