Chloe Novice - Curious about Marcie Sizes and Prices

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  1. Hi all, I am new to the Chloe forum and have been eyeing the Marcie medium hobos for quite some time. The other day, I was strolling through Nordies and saw the mini Marcie satchel in Nut color and fell in love. It is just about the cutest little satchel and I was immediately drawn to it. However, I noticed that the price is $1650 and the hobo, which is substantially bigger in size is just $45 more at $1695. I'm just curious how they go about pricing these Marcie's. There is also a mini satchel in waterlily color at Saks for $1195 but the dimensions are slightly smaller than the Nut one I saw and the leather feels different. The Nut color is calf, the Waterlily is sheepskin I think. But I would think the 2 mini satchels would be closer in price. A big part of me wants the Nut mini bc its so cute, but then I could just spend $45 to get a bigger bag in the hobo. Does anyone own a mini Marcie satchel? They seem too cute to pass up but seem really expensive compared to the bigger sizes.
  2. These Mini Marcies are so cute :buttercup:
    But it looks a little too expensive to me for such a small bag. I understand it takes as much work to make it as for a larger bag, but I know I won't use such a small bag a lot. I love my two Marcies crossbody most of all, not too small not too big. Medium hobo works fine too, very functional bag.