Chloe @ NM online GREAT DEALS

  1. There are some cute Key Chains also!
  2. edith whiskey is gone too!
  3. i would like an edith, but gone gone gone.
  4. oh...sorry...didn't think they would go so quickly!
  5. Whisky Edith is gone - I would have purchased her too!
  6. I'll keep watching for you guys.

    shhhhhhhh....don't tell people I do this at work so much. haha.
  7. black gone as well (in a blink of an eye!)
  8. guys are fast.

    Tell us who got what! So at least I know that our PF girls got the bags. =)
  9. NICE! Congrats!!!! LOVE the Edith
  10. logo shoulder bag gone... :sad: