Chloe Nile - which to buy (or should I buy it at all??)

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Which small Chloe Nile should I buy?

  1. Black (at ~US$325 savings)

  2. Motty grey (at ~US$325 savings)

  3. Vinyl blue (regular price)

  4. Don't get the Nile, it's going outta style!

  1. FYI @daysha , I just stumbled upon the Black Friday sale, and the black medium is 25% off right now!

    So is my new Nile (sigh), but I'm at peace with having gotten a month of use out of it at regular price!
  2. I'm in the US and not familiar with this site. Thanks all the same.
  3. Oh weird! I'm Canadian and I saw the stuff in CDN$ but I assumed it was an American site but I guess it's not! Never mind!
  4. No problem. I "ran" on over to check it out, but alas couldn't take advantage of the deal. I have my fingers crossed that one of the major department stores will have it on sale, but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks again.
  5. not sure if this helps but some styles were on sale during the holiday season at
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