Chloe Nile - which to buy (or should I buy it at all??)

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Which small Chloe Nile should I buy?

  1. Black (at ~US$325 savings)

  2. Motty grey (at ~US$325 savings)

  3. Vinyl blue (regular price)

  4. Don't get the Nile, it's going outta style!

  1. Is that the Burnt Brown? Not too sure on my screen. Very lovely!
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  2. Congrats for that lovely bag!
    I got that bag in the same color and fell more in love with the Nile because of that color !

    Enjoy using your bag...
  3. Yes, it's burnt brown! I didn't filter the pics, it just looks like a different shade depending on the lighting and background. I LOVE the burgundy undertone!
  4. Thank you! I agree re: falling more in love with the bag because of the color. I tried on the black, grey and vinyl blue, and none of them wowwed me until they brought out this one!
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  5. That’s really interesting, the reason I wasn’t sure it was burnt brown was exactly what you say, I thought there was a hint of burgundy or purple in there. I haven’t seen the burnt brown in person. It’s lovely. Now I think I may need one. [emoji848]
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  6. Definitely see it in person! The name doesn't do it justice at ALL; there's a really rich burgundy / bordeaux undertone that makes it feel far more luxe than a typical "brown"!
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  7. That is such a rich and beautiful color! Congratulations!
  8. I live in BC too, and was reading about how you would have to buy the blue in the US, and was just on the ssense website (based in Montreal) and saw the blue, and was just about to write...”oh, you can get the blue in Canada”. And THEN I saw the burnt brown/burgundy on their website and was about to say “but you should consider the burnt gorgeous with the gold!!!” And that’s what you got! LMAO. Enjoy your new beauty!
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  9. I should clarify, I only would have had to buy the blue in the US because I was going to NY for my birthday anyway and wanted to buy myself a bag on that trip, if Van Nordstrom has been fruitless!

    That’s good to know re: SSense though! I think they put some of their seasonal Chloé colors on sale at random times too, right? Maybe vinyl blue is in my future after alll... Is there a list I should subscribe to?

    (BTW, Van Nordstrom also has yellow, in case you were interested in that, but I wanted a color that contrasted the GHW so didn’t really consider it.)
  10. i have the burnt brown too and it's a gorgeous color! nice choice!
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  11. Congrats!! So happy for you to have finally decided to take the plunge and what a beautiful colour! You’ve just helped me decide too! There’s a sale on MyTheresa right now and I’ve been debating on getting the small nile in Motty Grey. This bag has been on my radar for a good six months now and I’ve tried it on several times in the stores but have always been hesitant to take the plunge cause of the price. But given the discount on now (around 20% off) I think I’m gonna go for it!
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  12. How had you been enjoying your bag so far? I'm interested in the Chloe Nile medium in Black. Any quirks or things you don't like functional wise about the bag?
  13. YAY! Post pics when you do!

    I've got a small, so I can't speak to a medium, but things I've noticed, the small is a tolerable "evening bag" for me (normally I go for medium to large bags in my daily life); function-wise, I appreciate how strong the magnetic button clasp is, never been worried about the flap coming open. My only small gripe, because I'm OCD, is the weight of the notches on the metal "bracelet" can leave really slight imprints/dents on the leather if you aren't careful to make sure the bracelet doesn't rest against the leather in storage.
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  14. One more question please:

    Do you consider the small to be heavy with the bracelet? While I am interested in the medium size I know it wouldn't work for me if it is too heavy.

  15. The heaviness was something I was initially worried about before I'd seen them in person, and it actually ended up not being an issue at ALL.