Chloe Nile - which to buy (or should I buy it at all??)

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Which small Chloe Nile should I buy?

  1. Black (at ~US$325 savings)

  2. Motty grey (at ~US$325 savings)

  3. Vinyl blue (regular price)

  4. Don't get the Nile, it's going outta style!

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking to make my first foray into Chloe! To be honest, it's never been a brand or style that has jumped out at me in the past, but a few weeks ago I was in LA and saw a couple of gals rocking Chloe Nile bags (I must be so late to the game; it's the first time I had seen them around! In my town, I think I see more Drews and Marcies) and I've been COMPLETELY obsessed with getting a Nile since then.

    Here are my dilemmas / questions:

    1. The Nile seems to be an "it" bag, not a classic. I'm not looking to wear it forever, but do you think it's on its way out of style yet, or will I get a year or so of wear out of it still? (Don't panic if you have a Nile! I'm just so new to the brand that I don't know what's in, what's overdone, what's on its way out!)

    2. Is a Nile a versatile enough bag for all seasons?

    3. I have $350 CDN (approx. US$265 equiv) in Nordstrom gift cards that are only applicable at Canadian Nordstroms. Nordstrom Vancouver has the small Nile available in black, or motty grey. Which do we prefer? (I tend to be a fall colors gal, but also, I have a lot of black and GHW bags already...but then also, if it ain't broke, why fix it...??)

    4. I'm also loving the small Nile in vinyl blue color. What are your thoughts on that, versus black or motty grey? If I was set on vinyl blue, I'd have to buy from the US, which would cost about CDN$430 (approx. US$325 equivalent) more since I'd have to buy at regular price.

    Help please! Thanks in advance!
    aaa 45337191RO_22_f.jpg aaa 45337194OS_22_f.jpg aaa 45421776PA_22_f.jpg
  2. The blue is gorgeous !
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  3. I think you should be safe buying one now, you are not THAT late, I think it will still look fairly "in" for a few more years. I bought a Hudson in Motty grey suede, also a bit late to the party but I don't mind, I don't plan on wearing it for the rest of my life but I hope to get to have at least a few summers together! :smile:
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  4. The blue is beautiful, but you have to ask if it will work with what you have in your closet. I would consider blue a neutral (like jeans) but again, think about how it would work in your closet. The grey is also very pretty and is a nice change from black (which you say you have a few of already). Grey is a “go with almost everything” color and it looks like it has brown undertones which would allow this bag to transition from season to season easily.

    Not really much help (sorry :flowers:) but really you can’t go wrong with either choice. They’re all gorgeous!!!!!
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  5. I just sold my Nile yesterday. I had the small motty grey for about a year. It's a pretty and very unique bag! Unfortunately, I didn't use it enough so I decided to let it go.

    1. I think it will still be around for another year. There are so many dupes of this bag so it's still popular.

    2. The motty grey is nice for every season tbh.

    3. Motty grey for sure!!!

    4. The blue is nice, but if you're thinking to resell it after a year, it's better to stick with black or grey or beige (neutral colors)
  6. Not gonna lie, it was actually your thread about whether you should sell your Nile that made me question whether I should get one anymore!!
  7. You could tell my hesitation to sell it because it's still popular. My only suggestion is don't pay full price for this bag. If you're okay with the size and can wear them often, it should be okay for another year.
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  8. So happy I found this thread(!) as I have the same questions in mind as you do ChanelCanuck.
    I also want a Chloe bag (I have resisted so far but I really love the gold foil leather on some designs like Faye, Drew or Nile) but I’ve been wondering if it was worth taking the plunge.
    I would definitely try to buy it discounted anyway.

    What are your overall opinions on the small Faye design btw? Is it already outdated or soon-to-be? Which design should I rather buy at that point?

    And anyone knows how the gold foil leather holds? And what about the smooth mirror gold?
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  9. I think it’s a pretty bag. The blue is my favorite. However, I was disappointed to see online that all the pretty, seasonal colors only come in small. It looks on the trendy side because of the ring, but it’s a classic saddle shape. I still carry my Marcie. I really don’t care if other people are carrying them or not. A lot of people on TPF seem to get bored of their bags quickly and sell them before they’ve worn or out or truly gone out of style. Unless that is what you tend to do too, don’t let that be your deciding factor. The only thing I was disappointed about with this bag, is that it seems Chloe has decided to save all of its fun, seasonal colors for the small only.
  10. I got small Nile Bag and I love it.
    From the colors mentioned I would choose the Motty Grey , it is a very nice color and it s stable color by Chloe every season.
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  11. I’m traveling and got to see the Nile in person in Neiman Marcus yesterday. It is so gorgeous in person. The leather looks so nice.
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  12. Dark is a "run with nearly everything" shading and it would seem that it has darker feelings which would enable this pack to progress from season to season effortlessly.
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  13. I’m all in favour of the Nile. It has made a Chloé convert of me.

    For some reason I didn’t pick up on Chloé bags at all till after I got a pair of Chloé boots, which made me start looking. Then I had a really good discount for My Theresa in the summer and got a Nile, just out of curiosity really.

    I started off with the minaudière, because I’ve never been a fan of the saddle shape, but that was too small ...

    ... then I tried the small (because I thought the bracelet would look better proportioned on a small bag), realised that was just too small for me (have to carry Epipens amongst other things) ...

    ... and got the medium. And as it turns out I think the bracelet looks just great on the medium size, perfectly proportioned, and it can hold just the right amount of everyday stuff but isn’t too big for evening.

    I suppose if you’re very petite you might prefer the small. The others were just too dinky for me, and I found that the medium looked really well proportioned too and looks great on shoulder, crossbody or held strapless with the bracelet.

    I was totally converted to the shape and I just find the Nile that bit more elegant than the other Chloé styles; it’s a bit of a chameleon, it looks boho with boho clothes, it looks elegant with everything else, it’s discreet enough to be carried every day, but beautiful enough to enhance anything. I think I’d have found the other styles too uniquely boho. I have just found it absolutely to go with everything.

    I toyed with the neutrals but just felt the black packed more punch. It’s not one of those black bags that just feels merely useful, a bit dull ... It’s gorgeous. I have been wearing it with light coloured and light weight clothes in summer, and finding it’s great with darker autumn clothes too.

    Honestly, I’m basically a major Fendi fan, I am quite devoted to the Peekaboo, but this Nile might just be my favourite bag.

    I don’t think it matters one bit if it’s a passing it bag or becomes a Chloé classic because it’s a really timeless design and will also suit any age. It just depends if it appeals to you or not. I can’t see myself ever getting rid of this one. The quality is gorgeous and it’s also pretty tough.
  14. Just returned home from NY! Thanks for all your invaluable input! I considered what you all said and wound up buying...NONE OF THESE COLORS! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

    But I did buy a beautiful small Nile, and I present to you my very first Chloe!!

    IMG_7166.jpg IMG_7153.jpg IMG_7177.jpg IMG_7507.jpg
  15. What a beauty!!! That was a fabulous choice! :love:
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