Chloe Nile or Tess ?

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  1. Hi ladies.

    I couldn't make a decision between

    ▪NILE ( small ) :
    Black ?

    Caramel ?

    Sienna Red ?

    ▪TESS ( small )
    Black ?

    Sepia brown ?

    Motty gray ?

    Please Please Please help me make an decision.

    ■ For hanging out with friends, parties uses.

    ■ Look good on all 4 seasons.

    ■ Can easily go with any style of clothes.

    ■ Look good with dark color outfits ( Black / gray / Dark Navy ...etc )

    ■ Will make my husband and some of friends stop saying that Im carrying a *** Door knocks *** .....

  2. Both Nile and Tess bags are pretty versatile. The Tess is newer and slightly edgier but you can't go wrong with either model. Unfortunately, since both bags have circular shaped hardware, the "Door Knocker" look is unavoidable. Of course, with the Nile, you can carry it using the hardware so people can't say anything then.

    You also can't go wrong with classic black but if you're looking for some colour, Motty Grey will be the most versatile between the seasons. It's also a great neutral contrast to dark outfits. The downside is risk of colour transfer. Anything brown or caramel toned tends to be better suited to Spring/Summer. Sienna Red is a nice, deep bloom of colour. It leans more Autumn/Winter but I think it could be used anytime. Between your choices, I would go for either:
    a) Small Nile Sienna Red
    b) Small Tess Motty Grey
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  3. Thank you for shared with me and its really helpful. I think i would go with ( Sma nile / sienna red ).

    Again, thank you.
    Merry Christmas.
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  4. Great choice! Hope to see it here on the forum! And Merry Christmas to you too! :tup:
  5. of course tess bag...because newest model
  6. Sienna red is lovely
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