Chloe newbie!

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  1. Hello!

    Till few months ago, it was only Lv for me. Didn't like/love leather.
    And all of the sudden I bought my first leather bag(rocco alexander wang)
    Yesterday I bought my third leather bag: the Chloe Marcie Crossbody! Was looking fir a crossbody. I was so suprised how light the Chloe leather feels and so soft! Always thought it was thick and sturdy!!
    So I am in love with Chloe!!

    Will post pics later! It is the tan crossbody!

    Thanks for listening:P
  2. welcome to chloe! cant wait to see your pictures!
  3. This is the shorterst hole. I like that lenght, because it is easy to switch to use it as à shoulder bag! Cant wait to use it in spring with à kind of Ibiza look!;)
    I am à plus size girl size 44/46 european!
    Very happy with my bag!
    Going to save for an marcie medium I think.

  4. On the shoulder and crossbody ( still shorterst length)


  5. You;ll never go wrong with a Chloe!!

    Congratulations on your new bag.....I really like it! It suits you ;) And welcome to the Chloe forum!
  6. Thank you!

    For me chloe in real life is much more then I expected!!

    I Will post more pics this week! Maybe today! I Always wear ( casual) dresses, maybe 1 time à month pants, lol, thats in this picture.
  7. absolutely gorgeous - you & the bag! what a great bag!
  8. Congrats... Beautiful bag n beautiful tan :smile:
  9. I love your bag. Congrats!
  10. Gorgeous...Congrats Crissie82 :smile:
  11. Gorgeous, Chrissie!! She looks amazing on you and you wear her so well! I hope you get lots of enjoyment using her :smile:
  12. You look terrific! Enjoy!
  13. hey chrissie! i am loving your bag and the modelling pics. was comtemplating gettin the crossbody for christmas. i had one question, with your use do you find the zipper to be sticky or hard to open while out? i read some other reviews and that was the only complaint that i could find. i love the look of the marcie and the crossbody is so in my price range so was wondering if you can help a chloe fan out...