Chloe Newbie needs help please

  1. I bought a Ascot Hobo a few months ago but didn't love it so I returned it. I think I wanna try again to get my 1st Chloe. I am thinking the Betty satchel would suit me but have some questions for the experts (you guys!!).

    Does the Betty make sense as a 1st Chloe? It seems like Paddys are the most popular but I think the big heavy lock would bug me. BTW, is the Betty heavy?

    Does the satchel come in small? If yes, where can I find a small? I only saw medium satchels on

    Also, what color would you suggest for me? My current bag collection contains a Kooba Sienna in Cognac, MJ satchel in true red, Mono Speedy, Damier Speedy, Mono Hudson GM and Fushia Reade PM so I'd like something different than any of those colors. I don't have a black bag but tend to be bored with black bags. The patent black looked interesting but I thought it might be too dressy looking for my tastes. I don't care for metallics.

    Do you think the Betty will retain its appeal for a few years or look dated?

    Thanks for reading. Sorry for allllllll the questions. I don't know that much about Chloes. I should frequent this board more. :yes:
  2. Hiya,

    I don't know much about the Betty, however, i do think it's a nice bag, i'm just not sure it will be a 'classic' in years to come.
    But if you like all those zips and pockets, then i'm sure you'll just love it!:yes:

    Check this thread, a couple of ladies have put some really useful info on here if you need to know more, or you could always post up more questions for the ladies who own the Betty on that thread too:yes:

    IMO, i absolutely love the medium paddy satchel, i did toy with the idea of getting the mini paddy, but i am glad i didn't as the medium is perfect for holding everyday stuff.

    I'm not sure where you can get it now as i think they were on sale recently, i don't know if they're bringing out a mini version for A/W. Anyone?

    Colour wise, considering the colour bags you already have, and that you get bored of black bags easily, i would suggest to either go for a light colour, or a dark grey. I've heard that the metallics can wear easily - they look good but i think you pay alot for something that will look worn very quickly.

    Anyway...sorry to have rambled on, i hope this has helped you just a little bit!!:shame: :flowers:

    There's a Chloe for everyone out there, you've just got to find it - and if that means trying several different styles, then that's what you must do - call it 'research'!!!!:wlae:
  3. Hi and welcome! I just got my first Chloe last week and I am in love.

    Aloha Rag has the small Paddy in chocolat, grey, and nutmeg: chloe collection :: women :: aloha rag online select shop
    (There are also numerous medium Paddys and Ediths on that page).

    I haven't seen the baby size IRL, but it looks like it would be really small, especially if you're used to larger bags like the Sienna and the Speedy. I have the Paddy shoulder bag which is on the large side, but very comfortable to carry. Mine is in chocolat, which is an amazing color in the Chloe leather - richer and deeper than black, IMO.
  4. Hello! Let me start by saying that I am absolutely head over heals in love with the Paddy! I was worried about the weight and the lock, but to be honest- I have not had any problem whatsoever. It is an incredibly easy bag to wear- I can easily throw it on my shoulder and go, the leather is out of this world and so durable, and to top it off- it looks fabulous no matter what I am wearing! It is by far one of my most favorite bags!

    That being said- I know the paddy is not for everyone! The Betty IMO is an excellent choice! It is super squishy soft and light weight! I love the looks of the Betty as well- in fact, I have been dying for a Medium Chocolate Betty, but alas, my PHH would KILL me if I bring home anything else right now.

    Either way, give Chloe another chance! The Ascot is a lovely bag, but like anything- it isn't going to work for everyone! I just know you will find a Chloe that is right for you! Good luck, and keep us posted!!!
  5. Hey Virgo!!

    I don't know much about the Betty but it is indeed a lovely bag. :heart: The small paddington satchel is good if you like to travel lightly. If you carry many things it may not be the best choice. Are you looking for a neutral or popping color? Do you have a NM or Nordies near you? Sometimes the best thing to do is go down and see them all in person. This way you get to see how you like the weight, size, etc. :yes:
  6. I am another die-hard paddy fan :smile:

    However, thanks to the board, I am starting to develop a real love for the Silverado and Edith (thank oh so much for tempting suggestion LG!!).

    I think Edith is very timeless while Betty might be a bit trendier with the cool zippers and stuff.

    D&G needs to chime in :smile: She recently got a wonderful
    black Betty and has tons of paddies so you could give you a balanced opinion.
  7. I have the Betty and absolutely love it! I also have 2 Ediths and 2 Paddies. Each of these Chloes bring different qualities to the table so it really depends on the style.

    Paddies are heavy, the leather is absolutely scrumptuous and soft and buttery. It fits well on the shoulder and is extremely comfortable. The locks sometimes can chip, but if you take good care of them, they will last you the mile.

    Edith satchels are more grown-up. They are definitely bags that I can see myself using 20 years from now. The leather is stiffer than the Paddies. The big con with this bag is that it does not fit comfortably over my shoulder and the front pocket is pretty much for decoration since the widgets the straps go into are a royal pain. It's very stylish and the most classic of the three bags.

    The Betty - people typically have a love or hate relationship with this bag. It's definitely trendier and younger. The leather isn't the scrumptuous quality of the Paddington. It is much more expensive than the Edith and a bit more than the Paddy. But this bag simply ROCKS! I originally thought of it looking like a leather gym bag. The leather could be (I'm exaggerating) pleather with the exception of the yummy leather smell. It is the lightest of the 3 bags and comes in a multitude of sizes. This is particularly true in the ivory color which I got. However, how do I describe the rock-n-roll aspect of this bag? You just feel hip and great carrying it. It's casual and very fun. Now, the only thing I have against the Betty is the price. For what it is, I find it a bit overpriced, however, since I was able to find it on sale, it worked for me.

    I hope this helps. With any of these bags, you really can't go wrong. Just find one that works best with your style! ;)
  8. I found some pictures of Betties in Medium and Small. These were all taken at Nordstroms for other tPF'ers. The order is the medium and small side by side, followed by the small and then the medium Betty. Also keep in mind that depending on the season, one season's medium may be another season's large and so forth.
    Chloe Betty Small Medium side by side.JPG Chloe Betty Small.JPG Chloe Betty Medium.JPG
  9. I noticed on LVR that there is a bag called the Edith Big handbag, the shoulder strap is much longer - it looks to me like it would fit on the shoulder quite comfortably:flowers:

    Pictures taken from LVR: ::: shopping on line

    I quite like it!:yes: Does anyone own this version?
    0011.jpg 0164.jpg
  10. Thanks for all the long responses!! It was very thoughtful :yes:

    I think looking at the pics that a medium Betty would suit me. I do like the casual 'rock and roll' look of it. Plus I like the name Betty (I was a Skate Betty in my younger years. lol). I've seen paddies in Whiskey and Chocolate and both are gorgeous colors. I guess I'd like my bag to stand out rather than blend in like a lighter color might do.

    I have both a NM and Nordies near me so I should go check them out in person. I don't remember seeing Bettys there, just paddies, but hopefully I will luck out. What time of year do Chloes typically go on sale? After Xmas?
  11. You're right! I remember someone having a chamois edith in large posted somewhere a while back. It is definitely very large (I akin it to luggage, but it's a preference, some ladies like their bags very large). Those handles will definitely fit over your shoulders. On the medium Edith, which is what most people here have, it is very difficult to wear it on your shoulder comfortably unless you have some serious skinny arms. :yes: