Chloe newbie...Marc Oldie...

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Do I keep the orange or the chocolate paddy?

  1. orange

  2. chocolate

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Orange or Chocolate....Orange or Chocolate... I so need your guys help related to my first Paddy. I have bought both. The chocolate was supposed to be Tobacco but the tag says braun so I'm guessing I was shipped the wrong bag but now I love both. This is my first Paddy and my entire collection is Marc up to now...I have no pics but hope you will give me your vote. maggie
  2. I believe that brun = tobacco.

    Chocolat = chocolate

    That said, I have no idea what differences are.

    Keep the one you love most! :yes::heart:
  3. Look at your wardrobe and see what you think you will carry more. I love the orange.... but it probably wouldn't go with a lot of things I wear. You don't want to have a beautiful bag sitting around uncarried because it doesn't match anything you own!
  4. chocolate..i am getting one tomorrow bloomingdales is having a 30% off sale on chloe.
  5. Yes, the colors are in french and/or english, so one's brun is another's tobacco. First thought would be keep brun/tobacco since it's neutral and more versatile, but it really IS up to your wardrobe. If you could use orange and already have a good brown bag (or 10!) then go for orange-a-licious!
  6. I don't have a paddy myself but adore the orange!
  7. both are nice! hmm... But you'll probably get more use out of brun...then again, orange will always be the nice pop you need or an accent piece to brighten up your day or your outfit!
  8. :confused1: Ladies..thank you so much...I woke up this morning and can't believe how much I like these bags. Do you think it's because they are new or that it's because it's a Chloe bag? The leather is so soft and I love the detailing compared to all the Marc's I have...and I love the Marc's...
    The tobacco (thanks for that help) is such a good brown with the contrast stitching and the orange is ...oh man hard to decribe how rich of an orange this is...see I'm still in trouble.:wtf:
  9. chocolate
  10. hey MuzMars, i have the orange paddy, i know exactly what u mean! i took a long time deciding between both choco and orange. and ended up going for the orange instead! im Happy with my choice! hope u manage to come to a decision soon enough:P
  11. I voted orange, just because the colour 'pops' so much!:nuts:
    Plus i have whiskey which is similar in shade, and i love it.:love:
  12. No one does chocolate like Chloe! So my vote is Chocolate!!!
  13. If it was between the chocolate and the orange, I would choose chocolate.

    But as it's between the tobacco (or Brun) and the orange, I chose orange.

    If you have a more olive skin tone, you might suit the tobacco more, though...
  14. chocolate
  15. This one is easy for me- CHOCOLATE all the way! And like Balenciagalove said, no one does chocolate like Chloe! It is TDF and I love mine!