Chloe @ Neiman Marcus Last Call

  1. First Thread! Hope this works...

    I found these when looking for my Edith. I just spoke with TYRONE and these are all still available.

    prices: Left to Right (510), (747), (765), (936) all USD

    Tyrone was one of only a few (of the dozens:yes: ) of SA I called who would send me pics even though many said they would.

    Please ask for him if you call. I am very new to Chloe so I can't tell you all the names of these. Most of the SA's don't know either so I usually just asked for pics. I have one other set of pics I'll post after these from another NMLC. I don't know if they are still available though because I tried to call but they are going to have to call me back. I got these pics this week.
  2. Your pictures aren't showing up. Also, welcome and great first thread!
  3. Ooops! I am so not computer literate. I'm working on it! :sweatdrop:
  4. trying again!
  5. Here are some pics. Sorry, I don't know the names or prices. I have a call in to Puja, but she hasn't called me back. If she does, I can post the prices. These were available as of a few days ago. Just thought I'd share since I got my Edith because I heard about NMLC from a nice poster here. ;)


    Puja Bagga
    Department Manager
    Home Decor, Jewelry and Accessories
    Phone: 407-264-2988
    Fax: 407-264-2994
    chloe2.jpg chloetracy2.jpg chloetracy3.jpg chloetracycream.jpg
  6. :dothewave: You did a great job with the pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Can you see them now? Thanks for the welcome!
  8. We were posting at the same time! My computer is sooo slow.

    Thanks (I have to confess my daughter helped me).
  9. I don't know the prices, but the first one is an Ollie and the other three are Tracys. The second one looks like a mediim whiskey or chocolate tracy. The third is a two-tone black/gris tracy and the last one looks like it is a tracy tote in ivory.
  10. :shame: Forgot Tyrone's number: 215-637-5900.

    I'll get this, eventually. Sorry for the multiple posts.:sad:
  11. thanks kiss_p :heart:
    Do you know why the ivory Edith would be $765 when the chocolate is $510?
  12. all three colors were priced differntly, but they will sometimes do a price match if you question it.
  13. Like bently said, it could be color or it could depend on how long they've had them.
  14. Darn it - you think the second one is brown? I was hoping it was an argent Tracy. I've been wanting that one since it was full price on Neiman's website. Doesn't the picture have a metallic sheen? I can't call that guy - I have NO MONEY!!! Still...................
    Meanwhile - welcome Imonpurseblog! I use my daughter for technical assistance as well. So kind of you to post all this stuff!
  15. divnanata - I wish that was an Argent Tracy, I'd buy them all! It definitely looks like a whiskey (or similar) color... but oh how I yearn for the argent...