CHLOE @ neiman marcus last call elizabeth

  1. ladies!

    there are 6 edith bags in nm LC selling for 510 (plus take $10 for every $100 u spend) and 3 large edith bowling bags for 747 (plus the additional discount). i got one edith bowling bag in muscade... its sooooo gorgeous!
  2. Thanx for posting.
  3. My God...!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish to live in USA...or being better speaking English...:crybaby:
    What a great price!!!! :wtf:
  4. you can call the SA there Brell 908-994-1911. she's very helpful. i think they ship.
  5. Many thanks, darling. But my spoken English is very,very bad.
    Does anybody know if you can contact with NM last call via eMail?
    Thanks :heart:
  6. scarcici do you speak Spanish? The chance is very high that there is someone in the store who speaks Spanish who could help you. What color Edith did you want? Maybe one of us could call for you to make sure it's the right bag and then you could finish the transaction by calling to finalize the order with your personal info. Let me know if you want some help! They do ship internationally, I think the charge is $30.
  7. they have the edith in muscade (3), army green (2) (i dont know the exact name of the color), and 1 in light gray (?). the large bowling bags 2 muscade and 1 black.
  8. *wipes brow*

    Whew! Holy smokes! I didn't know that I needed a Neiman's account for this! I had to open an account (uh-oh)! But ultimately I did get an Edith in Muscade!

    Thank Gawd! :yahoo:

    Oh yeah! Thanks to MustLuv for sharing! :smile:
  9. tHANKS FOR THE POST:tup:. What is the extra discount:confused1:
  10. ¿muscade...?:confused1:
    Dear ladies..., I am looking for Edith in whiskey...I have no idea about 'muscade'...My bad, bad English...:crybaby:
  11. Congrats:tup: I loooove that color. I would love to get an edith in muscade but it would have to be the messenger.
    Post pics when you get it:smile:.
  12. ur welcome, girls!

    muscade is like whiskey, i think.

    the extra discount that they have is for every $100 u spend, they take $10 off it. so lets say if u want to get the edith, its $510--- they take additional $50 off.

    MickMick, u dont have to open an account to get the discount, but they ask if u want to open one to get extra 5% discount.

  13. i got the large edith bowling bag in muscade. i'll post pics in a little bit so u can see the color.
  14. Scarcici, I believe Simone at the above number speaks Spanish. You may want to ask for her. Good luck!
  15. Which NM LC location has them? Which color(s)?