CHLOE Mystery Bag

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  1. [​IMG]Another one...this bag is in the new CHLOE ads in the major fashion mags, but I have yet to see it online anywhere. Does anyone know the style name? Where I can find one? How much this costs? Colors? Thanks!

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  2. I'm unable to see the picture{?}
  3. That doesn't work for me either. However you did it the 2nd time in the Jessica thread worked though.
  4. Okay, try it now...I think I fixed it on the first post. :biggrin:
  5. Nice but I wonder how heavy that one is.
  6. I'm not familiar enough w/ Chloe to make a call . . .
    but is that part of the pic w/ all those gorgeous bags stacked one on top of each other?
    LOVE that photo!
  7. that's the chloe edith in whiskey. the preorder already sold out on!
  8. Yes, it is part of the stacked photo...the top bag.

    Amanda, do you know how much it was selling for at Bergdorf Goodman? Or whether they might get more in? I may call and get on a list in case someone returns one. Is it available anywhere else, or in other colors that you know of? Thanks!
  9. I found the bag on the Chloe website...this pic shows it next to a much larger bag, but still does not tell me a name. Net-A-Porter does not have this one...other ideas?

  10. I like the Edith. I think CeeJay bought one in chamois :love:
  11. The Edith looks really great! I'd love to see what it looks like in person. Hopefully, when CeeJay gets hers, she will post lots of pics.
  12. So the bag I found on is not an Edith? It is a completely different bag. (see Post 10)
  13. The Edith happens to come in several different forms. The pictures from the Chloe site didn't do much for me, but after I saw the one I Bergdorf Goodman, that was a different story.


    They're both the same bag, just different variations. Hope this clears things up!