Chloe Myrte Sunnies

  1. Hi ladies!
    I would like to buy a pair of Chloe sunnies for a trip I am going later during March. My eyes are on the Myrte sunglasses!
    Will u choose the color black or the color white?

    Thanks in advance for ur kind suggestion! :smile:

    black.jpg white.jpg
  2. I like the white ones![​IMG]
  3. I like the black ones LOL!
  4. Hard choice, both are so cute!!! I have them in navy and I absolutely love them. So which ever color you end up will be fabulous!
  5. i have white, go for white
  6. I just looked at the pics more carefully (especially after reading ali w's post) - the ones you've posted are actually white and brown (kinda like a dark choc, with amber lenses), not black! I thought you had posted the navy/black, but make sre you check them all out when you go OS!
  7. If you have dark skin and/or hair go for the white?
  8. I'd go for the white ones... both of them are stunning, though...
  9. Thank you all for ur nice suggestion!
    To i_wona, ya, actually the dark one i have posted should be chocolate, not black, i realized that soon after posting :sweatdrop: But thank you, I appreciate u really looked into the choices! :tup:
    I have black hair, I think I will go for white, I will try everything on and see!
    Love the forum and u all!:heart:
  10. Ohhhhhhkay. There is something weird going on with these sunnies. See, I actually own a pair of these and until the other day, I thought mine were black. Then I saw ali w's post about hers being navy and I thought "Have mine actually been navy this whole time and I thought they were black?" I figured then, that navy and black were interchangeable. After doing some research, I've found that there seem to be four colours - navy, black, white and choc.

    Can anyone confirm this? Or am I both colourblind and crazy?