Chloe Mocassin Shoes

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  1. They are so gorgeous would look so cool with jeans and my Tan Paddington bag this summer. @ LISAVIAROMA.COM
    Yes or No :nuts:

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  2. uhhhmm...not my style but if you like 'em go ahead :smile:
  3. they look as if they would be comfortable 4 sum reason ....but not 4 me
  4. i love mocassins!
    but i prefere car shoes...they are made by hand!
  5. I really like them. They do look really cute. How much are they?
  6. Oh...they look reaaaalllllyyy comfy.
  7. OUCH….they may not hurt my feet but my C.C will get a bobo.

    At $400.00
  8. I love it! I saw that a few days ago and I almost ordered it. Now I'm going back and forth between this and Tod's.
  9. Total YES
  10. YES, really nice.
  11. $400 is not awful- but also not great! And I love em'!!!!
  12. Yes. Oh god yes.
  13. Yes!!! That would look great with your bag! You will save $ with LVR as well.
  14. adorable
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