Chloe & MJ shoes.. Help me pick!

  1. If you can only pick 1 or 2, which one(s) would you choose?
    1. Chloe dark brown
    2. Marc by MJ dark brown
    3. Chloe slingback Tan
    4. Chloe Paddington Tan

    - P


  2. I like #2 the best :smile:
  3. Marc by MJ would be my vote. Chloe slingbacks are also really cute. Actually, I'm changing my mind. I really like the Chloe dark brown!
    Ok, my final answer is M by MJ and the dark brown Chloe. They are all cute though!
  4. I'd go with #3 and #2. Love #3 (the lines and extension it creates).

    And BTW I would KILL to have legs like yours! Seriously! Seeing many of your outfits (with Chanel bags in the Chanel sub-forum) reminds me of Nicole Richie & her former stylist Rachel Zoe's creations (also for Mischa Barton).....I ADORE the style those two created, and your style reminds me a bit of Rachel Zoe's creations (I worship her!!).
  5. #2 are hot.
  6. Thanks for the repliees.. I'm actually leaning toward #3 for Tan color, and still undecided for dark brown.. I want 1 Tan and 1 dark brown... gah.. I'm bad at choosing :push:

    Foxy - I love Mischa style.. (not so much for Nicole though).. I wear shorts and vintage-y stuff even before I notice Mischa, Nicole and Rachel Zoe style.. guess I just love those stuff since they're easy to pull off. I never really fans of trendy seasonal items (ie: sequins).
    As for the legs comment: thank you :shame: you make me blush. I always think these twigs called legs are too skinny.. a lot of people make fun of it because of its size.. looks like 13 years old legs.. no shape
  7. side view for #3.. sorry for bad lighting

  8. Marc by MJ dark brown
    Chloe slingback tan


    hottt legs!
  9. #2 for sure!
  10. I already was going to say #3 before scrolling down, but then I went down further in the thread and saw your additional pic and it's FOR SURE #3 for me!

    And, if you are allowed to pick two, then I would also add #2 in the mix. :smile:

    All look really great on you, but I like those two the best!
  11. # 2 and # 3 for me! love the MJs!
  12. #2 the most.

    Then #4.
  13. #2 ... although, those CHLOES are H:heart:T!
  14. I love the Marc Jacobs one.
  15. I like all of them except for the third pair. My favorite of the three would have to be the dark brown Chloe pair.