Chloe Mini Zip Clutch and a Canelle Paddy at Nordies

  1. Hi all,
    They had a mini Paddy zip clutch in the green with the silver hardware 218.00 or close to that, and a Canelle med. Paddy.
    Canoga Park Nordstrom-818-884-7900 ask for Kat

    They also had a cool Chloe bag with studs on it...I'm not sure of the style!
  2. Oh i believe it was an Ollie!
  3. OMG I am going to kill myself!!! I was out there today and then decided against going in Nordies because my son was grouchy....back I go in the morning right after rush hour!!!
  4. Hi, if you want to call them I be they will hold it or you can purchase over the phone and return if you hate it.
    I'd hate for you to drive over and have it be gone!!!
    I had a harder time parking today than usual.
  5. Hey there,
    New to Chloe handbags, how much was the Canelle Med. Paddington? Med. means Medium correct? Thanks.
  6. Hi, welcome!
    The medium Chloe paddington satchel( Canelle) was 614.00 reduced from 1500.00
    Great Deal, huh???? I got my first paddington from this sale and I am sooooo happy!:smile:
  7. OOOh the chloe mini zip clutch is so cute! Im pretty sure net-a-porter has one for like 271-ish. i got it in black