Chloe Mini Speedy

  1. I went to my Nordstroms today and saw the Chloe Mini Speedy in the dark chocolate color. Anyone owns this bag? It's shaped just like the LV speedy but more slouchy leather w/ silver hardware.
  2. :biggrin: i would love to see it!! anyone have a pic!?

  3. Me likes it!
  4. That's it! Thanks for posting a picture link!
  5. Cute bag!
  6. I was told the mini speedy is the Iris satchel, but the s/a could have been wrong.
  7. Didn't SoCal have this bag......I think she bought it awhile ago.
  8. Oh that is very cute - but, can someone tell me why oh why Chloe mixes hardware colors???

    Silver clasp, and brass zippers and handle hardware??? I hate this; but, I love the bag. :love:
  9. ^^Loganz I always wondered that too!!! I'm getting over my matchy-match phase and giving in to the mixed metals, but DO think it's bizarre.

    girsgottoshop - yes, SoCal had it and sold it on eBay :sad:
  10. Wonder what she didn't like about it, blugenie?
  11. ^^This was SoCal's reason :smile: Too much bags!:biggrin:

    while I really like Molly, DH and I both shrugged our shoulders to her...that indicated she was "expendable"...I think that makes me "balanced" again. :shame:
  12. Yea, I don't like the mix of hardware either! But I do love that gray one!