Chloe Metallic Quick NM

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  1. just nabbed one...only one left...hurry! gorgeous. Neiman Marcus Online coupon shopnm for free shipping!
  2. Congrats!!! You must be very happy!!! :smile:

    How did you find out there is still only one left??.. i am just curious
  3. I tried to put more in my bag out of curiosity. 3 said not available and one more allowed me to continue. I saw this bag and I loved it!
  4. i love it too.. but can't get anymore bag.. I already got 4 handbags this month.. :rolleyes: I am very happy for you..
  5. me too:roflmfao: maybe we have a problem!!!!
  6. Someone please buy this bag. I don't need it. I shouldn't do it. I have other things I want to buy. But this pretty bag is mocking me. Make it go away!
  7. Just ordered it--but not sure if it'll really wind up to me in the end... NM has a funny way of not keeping on top of their sale inventory... So keep your fingers crossed for me!
  8. which bag? when i follow the link it just goes to NM homepage