Chloe Melrose Place Reveal

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  1. While vacationing in Beverly Hills I had to stop into the Chloe boutique in Melrose to "look"....Well looking turned into touching and before I knew it the New Hayley Nano was mine!!! I love this little version of the Hayley and will post a full review on my YouTube channel soon..... 355.JPG
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  2. Your new Hayley is beautiful! Congratulations :smile:
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  3. Thanks so much!!!
  4. Beautiful color! How do you find its functionality? Is the zippered opening roomy enough for getting things in and out of the bag?
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  5. That's really beautiful! Enjoy your new Chloe bag
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  6. Thanks!!!
  7. Thanks!!! It holds a little more than I thought it would, phone, zip around card case, keys, compact, lip gloss. I love the zipper on the Hayley bags cause if you want you can just slip things in & out or you can separate the zipper for a large opening and have more than enough room :smile:
  8. so beautiful! :heart: enjoy her!
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  9. Thanks so much :smile:
  10. This bag is so beautiful and love the design. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the bag very much!
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  11. Thank you!!! I love everything about this cute little bag :smile:
  12. I love the horse shoe design, it's gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
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  13. Hi,
    I know this is an older thread but I was wondering if you could please let me know how this bag is wearing? I'm thinking of getting it in the small and am concerned about how easily the smooth leather might scratch. Thank you:smile:
  14. Chloe's smooth leather does scratch easier than other brands but in this color it really gives the bag some personality, Sometimes the bag gets scraped and there isn't a mark at all and then I'll see a mark and think where did that come from! I'd say if you're someone who gets upset by marks on your bag then don't buy it....On the other hand it's a very cute bag with great function and really well made :smile:
  15. That's helpful. Thank you very much for the reply:smile: