Chloe Medium Tracy in Ivory $658

  1. Sigh, it's gone. I am always too late...
  2. Its back!!!!
  3. The Tracey is a great bag, highly underestimated!
  4. kiwii, you still have a chance. somebody get this...!!
  5. gone!
  6. arghhh. I want a Chloe :sad:. It is lovely n not common.
  7. It's back again :nuts:
  8. Darn, it's gone. I was considering this bag for travel. Not as a "travel bag", but as the purse I carry on the plane. Seems like a boarding pass would fit very nicely in the front pocket...oh well maybe next time;)
  9. One of you girls must have returned it. I'm wondering why? Rather than us just taking turns buying and returning this item...
  10. Thank you so much!
    Somehow I could order it! Please try it again!
    Still there~!!
  11. It's in stock now!
  12. back in and what a deal. its like $1000 off.
  13. this bag has been there for weeks and finally gets all the attention - hope it will go to a lovely person!