Chloe medium Paddington vs. Chloe baby Paddington

  1. I recently sold my rouge chloe medium paddington satchel on eBay because the bag was too heavy for me. It would bother my shoulder if I carried her for more than an hour. I have been debating on ordering a baby chloe paddington for some time now, as I have been desperately missing my red chloe =( Today I stumbled upon a baby rouge paddy on eBay and I was just wondering if anyone has been bothered by their weight?
  2. Baby's are quite a bit lighter than the regular satchel, but they're still not featherweight bags because of that padlock...also baby's are more of a hand-held bag so they're not really meant for the shoulder, which could be good if you'd like to keep the weight off your shoulder.
  3. I could carry the baby paddy on my shoulder, but of course not as comfortably as the regular! I think the baby is a fair bit lighter, so I usually reach for it when I'm just going out and don't have much to carry.
  4. I had the loaf style baby, and it wasnt heavy at all. I loved it so much :smile:
  5. thanks ladies!:smile: