Chloe Medium Gladys Tote 50% off

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  1. Found this on if anyone is interested. I think it's a pretty good price, but unfortunately I just bought the Whiskey Conteen from AR otherwise I'd definitely get this! :Push:

    Chloe -  Gladys Tote, Medium -  Bergdorf Goodman
  2. How do you like the Whiskey Conteen?
  3. illini3,
    I really like it! Since there weren't any dimensions posted on AR for the bag, I figured it was going to be a bit small, but in actuality it's pretty big. I noticed the bag the conteen is selling on as the Chloe Edith Satchel on sale for $1,155, so I got it for a steal!!! :yahoo:
    Chloe -  Edith Satchel -  Neiman Marcus
  4. Thanks for the link:heart: