Chloe Medium Ediths Spotted In Saks

  1. :love: :love: Hi, I was in Saks today on Worth Ave in Palm Beach.There were three medium Edith Bags. One in chamois which I purchased... and there were two whiskeys left on the shelf at about 4:00p.m. when I left the store. I am not sure if they are open on Sunday....but if anyone is interested I suggest calling at 10:00 a.m Monday morning. Good Luck!!:idea: :idea:
  2. Congrats! I have a Chamois coming from Nordstrom. Can you post pics of your bag?
  3. Thanks Thanks Thanks ! I Ordered A Med Whiskey! They Said They Were Out Of The Chocolate So I Got The Whiskey. I Was Between The Two Bags Anyway. Can You Wear It On Your Shoulder?
  4. Do you have the phone number? I tried to find it all day yesterday and couldn't locate the number on Worth Avenue?
  5. 561-833-2551
  6. 561-833-2551...I called and they're both gone...
  7. I missed the 'good' one by an hour and the other one is being rung up but the credit card isn't going through yet. If it doesn't go through she will call me back. HMMMM
    If she calls me back, do I buy the one that isn't as distressed?
  8. wow they went fast :sad:
  9. Oh, good luck! Hope you get it...I would take the chance - and only because it may look scrumpled enough for you. If not, you can always send it back.
  10. There were a couple at the Chicago Saks when I went today. Don't remember the colors though....
  11. Any chocolate sighting?