Chloe Medium Betty - Argent?

  1. Hey does anyone know where or if I can get a medium sized betty in argent for under $750 with all the sales that are going around? Thanks!
  2. Try NM in Atlanta. I think I saw one there couple days ago.
  3. Thanks I called and they had 2 left!!
  4. Enjoy it!!!
  5. Actually it wasn't was a beige patent betty :sad:
  6. Ohhh beige...nice, did you get it?
  7. Talked to Nordstrom buyers and they only ordered the Large in Argent!
  8. No I didn't end up getting the beige...It was a large patent...and they had 2 more left...but it wasn't my kind of style.
  9. Thanks for the information :tup: However, my purse buying is officially over for 2007...been buying WAY WAY WAY too many because of all the sales...I AM looking forward to receiving many of the sale bags I ordered this week in the mail though :p
  10. I will be returning a argent betty with chains tonight. It will be at the Nordies at the Irvine Spectrum. hope someone gets it.
    DSCN3143.jpg DSCN3144_2.jpg DSCN3145.jpg
  11. Thanks for the info! Can I ask why you are returning it?
  12. That is so sweet of you to give us a heads up! And that is a great idea.
    Someone should start a thread related to returning Chloe sale items. I think people went crazy and probably bought too much because they couldn't pass up the great deals. I know I bought a large Betty when I specifically wanted a medium and not the large. I just couldn't pass up such a good deal. I'm sure there will be many returns and someone on this forum will want another person's return. I'll certainly remember to post in this forum if I decide to return my Betty!
  13. I have been calling and checking for Buyers Remorse Returns.... We all know if you pass on it, it won't be there later at these prices! I bought a large Betty Argent, really wanted the Medium or Small. I love the color though, and that it is more limited production compared to like black. It is a little large for me, but I hate to return it and regret it. They are no longer making the Betty after this year according to the Chloe Boutique in NY.
  14. Update returned it to the South Coast Plaza Nordies

    I returned it because I just didn't like the style it was too boxy
  15. OMG! Are you serious? I'm so glad I got one.

    What kind of Betty did you get? Is it a chain or regular?