Chloe Medium Ava - Moka!!

  1. Just found a great deal on a Chloe Medium Ava. Someone please buy this before I do! :sweatdrop:

  2. Where can the deal be found? Thanks!
  3. That's a great purse!! My mom has it and it is so versatile...not to mention the softest smooshiest leather!! Someone grab it quick!!
  4. Where, where...and how much?:drool:
  5. Does this one have a shoulder strap? It's kind of hard to tell from the photo.

    Good find!

    Bagatella, just click on the photo and the link will come up.
  6. Click on the picture - it takes you to the link.
  7. Click on the photo and it will bring you to the website.
  8. Whoops! Sorry for the repeat!
  9. Looks like this is Ali's (fellow tpfer) site! Great deal for someone looking. They also have a tracy. Does anyone have this bag is it heavy??
  10. Sorry I didn't post the link, like others said just click the picture. I think that the Ava's have the nicest of all the Chloe leathers. I'd buy this, but my next bag needs to be a shoulder bag. I can't say enough about the leather.
  11. Yeah this is ALI W's website.....
  12. Imon: I think this bag does come with a shoulder strap.
  13. Is the bag used? It is a very cute bag. Clutch just doesn't really work for me with the kids.
  14. It is in excellent condition as said on the website when you click on the picture so i think it is used but in excellent condition
  15. its beautiful either way