Chloe Maya vs Chloe Saskia

  1. Have you guys gathered an opinion on the two new Chloe bags yet?

    The Maya comes in a two different styles in the turquoise (the color is supposed to be hot for spring) and purple and the Saskia comes in white and red.

    The saskia looks nicely constructed and both colors look lovely and reminds me of Africa for some weird reason and the mayas look so fun! Who doesn't love an oversized bag in a crazy color! Awesome for spirng. I love the purple color (my fave f.y.i) and I love the shape of the turquoise.

    The prices are

    Maya $1,405.00
    Saskia $1,680.00

    So who do you think wins?
    y9.jpg l0.jpg j3.jpg j1.jpg
  2. Hmm, howabout all of them:graucho:. I like both styles a lot actually. Those colors are gorgeous...The purple is SOO pretty!
  3. I seriously couldn't choose one over the three other three. They are all equally pretty. Sorry!
  4. Turquoise MAYA is beautiful IMO. I love that style.
  5. I prefer the turquoise Maya's style (although, I think there's something a bit off with it, TBH [I think it's the depth and the top-heaviness?]), but the purple Maya's colour. :yes:

    I love blue, but that particular turquoise is just a bit too much, somehow...
  6. I love the Saskia!
  7. The white one looks best to me but anyway, not all are my style.
  8. can u buy this two :p
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. The colors are TDF...very Balenciaga.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Chloe in general, the styles individually are really interesting but they're so different that it's hard to tell it's all part of the same Chloe collection, KWIM? Not that styles of other brands are all similar, but Chloe more than any other that I can think of seems to be all over the place, design-wise.
  10. I like the white or the red.
  11. Go with the turquoise Maya for sure!:tup: