Chloe Maya Bumbag!

  1. After us having decided that the Maya Hobo looks a bit like a laughing toad or, according to susie, Jabba the Hutt ( :lol: ), I had a look at the Chloe website and on page 11 and page 18 of Spring Ready-To-Wear (not accessories) there is a bag in vermilion leather that is described as a Maya Bumbag:

    It is not actually a bumbag (or a fanny pack), it is a shoulderbag, like the Maya Hobo, but less high and so, better proportioned, IMO.

    I wondered if anyone knew of anywhere that is selling it online, which colours it comes in and/or what the retail is (in UK pounds, ideally, but dollars [or other currencies] would also be great!).

    TIA for any info you can share! :flowers: