Chloe Markdown at Nordys!

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  1. My fav SA at Nordstrom e-mailed me pictures of the bags being markeddown!
    I attatched my favorites! You can preselect RIGHT NOW for Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, MiuMiu, Hogan, Carshoe, Jimmy Choo, and Dolce and Gabbana!
    Here is her info:
    Marie Allen
    Prada Specialist
    Designer Handbags
    Bellevue Nordstrom
    (p) 425.455.5800 ext. 1256
    I love Christmas time!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!!!
    Bay.JPG Elvire.JPG Kerala.JPG Maggie.JPG Paddy capsule.JPG
  2. oh wow, thanks for the post!
  3. My SA sent me these Rachel or Dan at 503 224-6666 ext 1255
    chloe 001.jpg chloe 003.jpg chloe 005.jpg chloe 007.jpg chloe 009.jpg
  4. some more
    chloe 011.jpg chloe 013.jpg chloe 018.jpg
  5. J Star would you know if the second bag in the first row of the pictures"The black chloe paddington"you posted is still available and if so how much.Thanks for all your help.
  6. What is the % off for these?
  7. I believe the Nordies markdown is still 40%. But these bags are 50% off at the Chloe boutiques!
  8. Maybe Nordies will do a price match if you can verify the boutiques' prices?
  9. ^ Yeah, they will!!!