Chloe Marcie smooth leather- opinions needed please!

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  1. I recently purchased this small Marcie in the color Blondie. It’s retailing for $1890 (comes with 2 strap options) on Saks site but I paid half that price due to a pricing error I noticed online when it was a preorder. I already have a black medium Marcie in pebbled leather which I adore and still looks great after 2.5 years. F7DDB585-8C9F-447B-A333-E9A0A1BBCDC5.jpeg

    So my questions are: How well does the smooth leather wear? Does it scratch easy? Do you feel the Marcie is a classic and will still be around for awhile? Debating returning and buying a Louis Neverfull MM azur (which everyone seems to have but I do like) Two very different bags I know, but I’d like a light colored day bag and those are the two that have my attention.
  2. It's totally new leather for Marcie, so we don't have this info. Maybe leather finish itself is new for Chloe. Or it might have been used in Drew and Tess.
    Smooth doesn't necessarily mean prone to scratches. I have Givenchy gale and RL Ricky in smooth calf and they hold on very well.
    Maybe someone with Chloe Drew can comment on that.
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  3. I have the Tess in smooth leather and a quilted calf leather Drew. It doesn‘t gets scratched more easily than the pebbled leather but probably scratches are more visible on the smooth calf.

    So far both of my bags held up very well. Minor scuffs from my nails but you will only notice them when you are inspecting the bags closely.

    The Blondie Beige is tdf! I fell in love with this color on a small Tess bag but as I already have the large I didn’t buy it.

    I would definitely keep the Marcie.
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