Chloe Marcie small bag color

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  1. I am torn between colors on the small Marcie. I don't want a "pink" bag - is the "nude" really pink? I know the name is blush (which is pink, right?). I can only buy one, so it has to go with everything. Second choice is Cashmere gray, but it feels too wintry. Thoughts?
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  2. Blush is really neutral color but it has a hint of pink. But it's the kind of pink that goes w/ everything. The grey is a very light grey so goes w/:everything. I tried it on in store & it a great spring color
  3. I had the same decision to make when I got mine. Initially I really wanted the blush nude but I fell in love with the cashmere grey when I saw it in store. Both are beautiful though and I am considering still getting the blush nude. I think it depends on what colours you wear. I wear blue and black jeans a lot and I’m really liking soft pink tops at the moment so I feel the grey goes beautifully with those. The blush nude would be better for when I wear grey tops. I don’t think you can go wrong with either you just have to work out what colours you will wear it with. The blush nude is a funny one as it’s colour does seem to change in the light but the pink in it is very subtle. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either way they are beautiful bags
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  4. Did you get the gray? How has it held up in terms of getting dirty and color transfer?
  5. I’ve had no colour transfer at all. I wear it quite a bit and almost always with blue or black jeans and so far it’s stayed pristine. Really pleased with it. I should say I did only get it a few months ago, March I think, and I don’t use it every single day but I also haven’t babied it either
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