Chloe Marcie Satchel - Small?

  1. Hi! I’ve been to three stores to try and see the newer marcie satchel in size small, but none of the stores around me carry this size, only the medium. I’m fairly petite so I was wondering for those who own the small, do you feel it looks smaller than the medium? I know there is a 2 inch difference in L and W. The reason I ask, is I’ve tried the medium on and sadly it’s way too big on my small frame. I’ve loved the Marcie for years but haven’t bought it because it’s just too big on me. I do own the baby size and love it, but want something bigger for days I want to carry more. I own some LVs so if you have a LV bag you can tell me this compares to size wise, so I might be able to envision it, I’d appreciate it!

    Marcie sizes
    12"W x 9"H x 3 1/2"D - small
    14"W x 11"H x 4 ½"D - medium
  2. I think there’s a quite noticeable difference in size between the medium and the small. I recently got the small and I like the size a lot, though I do tend to prefer smaller bags. I just don’t like carrying around a lot of bulk. I’m using it today and can fit my new 11” iPad Pro in it (barely, but it fits!).

    This is the first Chloe bag I have bought and I have to say, I’m not thrilled with the quality. Zippers are very difficult to open and close. Top zipper pull fell off before I even used it (found it though, luckily). Stitching and seams just seem a bit sloppy to me.

    So, I am happy with the size, but I’m still deciding whether I really like the bag though. I actually came on this site to see if others had the same impressions of this bag.
  3. Oh no, I’m sorry you’re not happy with the quality. I own the baby size and I’ve had no issues with quality on that, so hopefully others will chime in about quality. But thank you for responding re: size. :smile:
  4. I just received my mini Marcie and quality is decent except the piping on one of the corners arrived chipped.
    I haven’t bought into Chloe in many years so not sure if quality has dropped in recent years.