Chloe Marcie question

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  1. Is this normal for a Chloe bag? Just got this from Fashionphile.

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  2. The beige fabric next the the zipper.
  3. You're talking about the reinforced bit at the end, right? It starts out the same color as the rest of the fabric, then fades as you zip and unzip the bag. It's the one little thing that bugs me about the bag.

    (edited to add: You'll also notice the zipper pull fading from gold to silver over time. Another little pet peeve of mine).
  4. Yes! So that is normal? I was worried it was fake. It said in excellent condition, but looks like masking tape. Glad to know it is normal if so, but yes wish it was all black.
  5. I can't guarantee that it is authentic and I notice some odd wear along the edgecoating, you should find an authenticator to look at it before buying if possible!