Chloé Marcie Mini Fringe Satchel

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  1. Hi everyone. I’m trying to find some reviews on this lovely Chloé bag but can’t seem to find anything on it. Would you consider it to be worth it or is the fringe a bit too much? I really love it and want opinions! Never had a Chloé bag before so not sure of the wear and tear or if the fringe would get damaged or fray or anything.

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  2. Its a new release - there wont be many if any reviews. I find the fringe too long, and i do like fringe. It will get into everything. The cross body strap looks very short. I love a traditional Marcie
  3. I think this is a stellar example of impracticality and designers choosing the look over common sense.

    That fridge is way too long. The strap in the picture is shown as a crossbody, but realistically, that just wouldn't work for most people - the bag would sit too high that way. Carrying it on the crook of the arm would work. But handheld - no. So you'd wear it on the shoulder. But then, if you sit down, the fringe would most likely touch the floor. If you take the bag off and put in in your lap, it might still touch the floor. When you get into a car and close the door - unless you're super careful every single time, the fringe would eventually get jammed.

    It's a beautiful bag, but I feel like it would just get really annoying really fast.
  4. Like bangs, you can trim the fringe to whatever length you want. Go to a leather or cobbler place, they can use the sharp cutter. Seriously no one would know the difference. Btw fringe has been big on the runways for Fall
  5. I like the bag but I wouldn’t buy it