Chloe Marcie medium or large?

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  1. Help! I am 5’10 and can’t decide btwn the large or medium Marcie. Any pics or advice for me?
  2. I am 5’5”, medium build and have the medium, which I love. I am a lover of large bags. I have LV Speedy’s in 35, Gucci large horsebit hobo, etc. For me, the bigger, the better. I like bags that stand out. That being said though, the large Marcie was too huge! It looks like a briefcase or a small suitcase. On me, it didn’t look edgy, it looked ridiculous. Go try a medium and large on, if possible, to see the difference. I was disappointed that the large looked so bad on me! [emoji15][emoji33]
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  3. The large doesn’t have a Crossbody strap but the medium does. I’d go with the medium for sure just because if that alone. I have the medium in Black and Tan and love them so much and I’m 5’6”.
  4. Thank you! Another question I have! I can’t decide btwn black and nut! I have the paraty in tan but the nut is lighter.
  5. The medium Marcie is perfect I also tried the large it’s way too big and I love a big bag
    Also I vote for nut it’s an amazing neutral
    Good luck
  6. Medium Marcie is the perfect size imho. I have this size in black and love it!
  7. I’m 5’7 and a US size 12/14 and I think the medium Marcie is perfect the large really is huge :smile: and I personally prefer the Nut colour but I don’t really go for black bags usually so it may be just me ;)
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  8. I have both - large and medium.
    The large is HUGE. And I miss the crossbody strap. I use the large one when I have to tote files around.
    The medium is much more versatile. I have medium Marcie in nut. I just love the colour. :smile:
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  9. I just got the medium in nut! Great size and color!
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