Chloe Marcie medium/large???

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Can somebody enlighten me! What is the difference? I want to get a Marcie but looking at saks and other websites I don't see what the difference is. Am I missing something?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. The large Marcie is a lot bigger than the medium Marcie. Medium Marcie has a shoulder strap, the large one has not.
    Hope this helps and good luck deciding.
  3. There is a huge difference in size. The large is very hard to come by
  4. The large is too large in my opinion. I've tried on both. I love the versatility of the shoulder strap. I just pulled out my medium yesterday and used her.
  5. Depending on your height, the large might overwhelm you. It's HUGE and you're limited to the double, rolled straps. The medium/small is more versatile, lighter and the additional shoulder strap is divine.

    I'm 5 feet flat so my medium/small fits my frame best. Also, it can fit a lot so don't worry about that aspect.
  6. Agree with the other posts, in that the large is exactly that - large! Having said that, it doesn't look as huge in the darker colours imo. I had a black one & sometimes regret selling it :sad:

    Also, you can get preloved 'small' Marcies that don't have the longer strap - these tned to be that little bit larger than the ones with the extra strap.

    Hope that helps?
  7. There is a huge difference in size. The medium isn't large but it is big enough. the large is too big in my opinion.
  8. I love the Large Marcie and am disappointed that it's not so readily available anymore. It's great for work. I can fit my laptop, along with everything else, in it. I do have a few Medium sized Marcies, but I don't wear them nearly as much as my Large sized Marcies.

    I would love to find a Large Wine/Burgundy Marcie.
  9. I have one large marcie and my colleague who is sitting next to me is having the medium with strap. I found they are huge different in terms of size and weight. I found the large is really roomy yet crazily heavy even i love it tough. The medium is roomy enough and way lighter than the large. I am thinking to get the medium one and let the large goes....
  10. Get the medium one. That one is big enough.