Chloe Marcie - issue with leather handles

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  1. Hi, curious to know if anyone else has had this problem? I got my medium grey Marcie last July. Within weeks I noticed the leather on the handle was scuffed. I took it back in and they claimed they'd 'never seen this happen before' but they sent it to the repair place to get the handles 'resealed'. I've had the bag less than a year now. I use it daily for work but treat it very well and the handles are SOOOO scuffed and peeled, see attached pictures. Is this normal?? It seems crazy for how expensive the bag is. Note, I don't use the shoulder strap but do carry it on my shoulder using the handles. But still, it just seems crazy. I don't know if it's worth having them repair it again (which takes weeks) if this will just keep happening...

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  2. It does seem strange. Mine havent done this. I would consider another repair and then maybe get a scarf to wrap around the handles to protect it. Whatever the current method to coat the handles its not working as well as it used to.
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  3. This is very weird. I’ve had my medium Marcie satchel in tan for over 7 years and I’ve never had an issue with any part of the bag. I would attempt one last repair. Did you purchase it from Chloe directly? If from a department store (like Nordstrom) then they stand by their product and will either provide you a full refund or an exchange for a new bag. I’m sorry this is happening to your bag ☹️.
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  4. I got it directly from Chloe. I need to check and see if they'll still do free repairs at this point. It DOES seem very strange since, even though I do wear it daily, I'm careful with it, and I've had bags that are 1/8th the price that have held up better!
  5. Hi!
    I actually had this happen twice with this bag, also in Cashmere Grey, but it was about two years ago now. I swapped it once and then when it happened a second time (both within a couple of months of owning it, and I am very careful with my bags to the point of being obsessive!) I decided to return it and get a mulberry bayswater. At the time I searched to see if others had had this issue and everyone raved about how durable the bags were, so I decided I must have just been unlucky/got them from a bad batch. Interesting that it is the same colour.
    I am sorry, that isn’t very helpful, but I wanted to say that I had had this issue too.
    Hope you get it resolved!
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  6. Hi! Thank you, this is definitely helpful information. Now i'm thinking it might be a problem specific to the Grey.
  7. it never happened with my Marcies, I wear them the same way with handles on shoulder. even if I have some buttons on my jackets at the point of contact. I can only imagine that handles are rubbing on sharp-edged metallic zipper to be worn so badly like on moto jacket or something.
  8. That's what is so strange - the handles aren't rubbing against anything sharp. I've never worn it with anything that could cause that kind of abrasion. The first time it happened was in summer and it only ever touched short sleeved tops or light sweaters. It's just so weird.
  9. I don’t want to hyjack this thread, but I posted elsewhere asking whether cashmere gray gets dirty easily, or easily gets colors transfer, as I want a small size Marcie but have two young kids and I’m not particularly careful with my bags. If I don’t get gray, I’ll get black! Since you ladies have it in gray, could you provide me some feedback? Thank you! (And I’m sorry to hear about the handles..,,that’s also disuading me from the gray!)
  10. Other than the handles, I've had no problem with the gray getting dirty or scuffed. I carry it every day for work (and I live in NYC where things aren't the cleanest, lol), and it has no noticeable dirt marks or anything like that.
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  11. Super weird. To think about it, there were issues with Cashmere Grey posted here before. Maybe it's the color.
  12. I have a 3 year old Marcie I’m off white and it has no signs of wear on the handle. It must be an issue with the grey.
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