Chloe Marcie dilemma

  1. Hi all,

    After a lot of hunting around, I had an awesome SA from Barneys Dallas send me a small Marcie satchel in Tan. I finally got received the package yesterday, but instead of doing a fun reveal- I ended up feeling awfully bummed.

    There were tiny black marks on the surface of the bag and I tried taking them off, but I had to stop trying after a while because I was worried I'd scratch the leather.

    I've emailed the SA and asked her about the return policy/shipping charges etc- but not sure if I should return it at all. The marks are minute- doubt anyone will notice them but me- but I do know they're there!

  2. Your SA should have checked your purse thoroughly prior to sending it to you. She also should have sent you stock from the back, not the floor. My SA at Bally did that. In fact, he had a bag sent all the way from Hawaii do I could have a perfect one. I did not even have to ask him to do this for me.
  3. Hi!
    You should definitely get the back exchanged for a perfect one!! Even if your the only one that notices the scratch they are still there and it's probably gonna bother you. And why should you spend a nice amount of money and not get the perfect bag?!!!
  4. I have buy a Marcie satchel color nude on Monnier Frères with 20% and i am so Happy !
    i am sorry for you with this incident dear Doodle 10..
  5. If your not happy send it back. It will always play on your mind if you don't.